simEye: Computer-Based Simulation of Visual Perception under Various Eye Defects using Zernike Polynomials

The computer ray tracing tool developed here (SIMEYE) permits simulations of the optical properties of the human eye and of visual perception under various eye defects, both as still-images and as animated movies. SIMEYE allows for the introduction of arbitrary surfaces (e.g., aspheric surfaces), represented/fitted by a set of Zernike polynomials, in the ray tracing simulation. SIMEYE may have a wide range of applications in both science and education. This tool may help educate/train both the lay public, e.g., patients before undergoing eye surgery, and people in the medical field such as medical students and professionals. Moreover, SIMEYE may be used as a scientific research tool to investigate the visual perception under a variety of eye conditions, in addition to the ones presented here, and after various ophthalmic surgical procedures such as cataract surgery and LASIK.