For more information please contact:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fink, FAIMBE, FPHMS, FSPIE, FARVO, UA FdaVinci, UA FACABI, Senior IEEE 

The University of Arizona

ECE, BME, SIE, AME, Ophthalmology & Vision Science


 Visual and Autonomous Exploration Systems Research Laboratory

1230 E. Speedway Blvd.

Room 521, Bldg. 104

P.O. Box 210104

Tucson, AZ 85721


Tel: +1-520-621-8734
Fax: +1-520-621-8076


Directions TO/FROM the ECE Building

Interactive Map of the University of Arizona

Location of Dr. Fink's Office within ECE Building

Location of Dr. Fink's Laboratory within ECE Building



Laboratory Positions

The Visual and Autonomous Exploration Systems Research Laboratory is currently NOT HIRING!

  1. Postdoctoral positions in ECE, BME, SIE, and AME

  2. PhD positions in ECE, BME, SIE, and AME
  3. MS positions in ECE, BME, SIE, and AME

  4. BS research projects in ECE, BME, SIE, and AME.

Checklist for Prospective Candidates

If you aspire to become a student in Dr. Fink's laboratory, you may consider the following "must-haves":

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Utmost integrity, loyalty, and ethical conduct
  • Excellent work ethics
  • Excellent programming skills (C is mandatory!)
  • Excellent skills in OS X and Linux
  • Excellent skills in Matlab
  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Excellent English skills both written and spoken
  • Excellent overall analytical skills.


In general, funded RA positions will only be granted to PhD students.

Furthermore, Dr. Fink will advise BS, MS, and PhD students only if their research interests match Dr. Fink's research interests.

Only if you meet the above requirements, proceed as follows:

  • Apply officially through the ECE, BME, SIE, or AME Department.
  • Review three journal publications from Dr. Fink's publication list and write a critical review in paper format stating why this research is interesting and especially where you think the research should be headed next.